The following are the individuals who have been elected to the current CSC Board of Directors (listed alphabetically). Their selection has been regulated by the CSC Bylaws related to Directors. Each contributes specific talents essential to the overall guidance of the CSC.

Serge Desrosiers csc
Zoe Dirse csc
Phil Earnshaw csc
Carlos Esteves csc
Joan Hutton csc
Bruno Philip csc
Joseph Sunday phd (Chair)
George Willis csc, sasc

The above Board of Directors has selected and appointed the following individuals as
the current Chief Officers of the CSC:
President George Willis csc, sasc
Executive Officer Susan Saranchuk

These two individuals have selected and appointed the following individuals to
Executive and Committee roles, as they determine suitable for the efficient and
effective management of CSC Operations :

Vice Presidents Carlos Esteves csc (Toronto)
Bruno Philip csc (Montréal)

Membership Arthur Cooper csc (co-Chair)
Zoe Dirse csc (co-Chair)

Education Carlos Esteves csc (co-Chair)
George Willis csc, sasc (co-Chair)

Awards Arthur Cooper csc

Publications Joan Hutton csc (Editor-in-Chief, Print)

Digital Portals Carolyn Wong (Content Manager)

Relationships Gaston Bernier


Each Director or Manager may be contacted via this linked online form.