The Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) has long-established policies for members to support and uphold the civil rights of all residents of Canada, and we heartily endorse the Code of Conduct initially formulated by Canadian Cultural Industries; this code is detailed below for your reference.

We have instituted our own initiative to help foster a safe and respectful workplace, in partnership with any production company that is committed to this goal. The basis of this commitment is to designate a specific location (such as the camera truck) as a neutral haven, where any production individual may seek refuge from inappropriate conduct

Get The CSC's "Safe and Respectful Workplace" Poster Here

The link in the above line allows anyone to download a PDF that details this commitment and provides specific contact information relative to the particular production.

We encourage all camera teams and all production managers to complete this PDF and have it posted prominently in the camera truck with the agreement of production management. This document may have its four sections completed by hand or by filling in those fields in a PDF application.

The Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct confirms the commitment to safe and respectful workplaces and to an industry free of harassment including sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence.

Harassment can take many forms including unwanted sexual attention, inappropriate jokes or texts, threats, and other unwelcome verbal, written, visual or physical communication or conduct.

Everyone has a responsibility to build safe and respectful workplaces.

Harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence can affect individuals at every level of the industry. Promoting increased gender equality and diversity is one way to break down barriers and reduce or eliminate these behaviours.

The principles espoused in this Code are applicable to all work and work-related environments. These can include but are not limited to, auditions or casting meetings, job interviews, industry events, festivals, awards, company functions, production studios and sets (whether local or remote), offices and rehearsal and performance

Supporters of this Code will lead by example by upholding the highest standards of respect, encouraging the good-faith reporting of complaints concerning harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence and cooperating in the investigation of such complaints.