Entry Processes for Cinematographer Categories

Links to Entry Forms for these Categories

The primary 2020 awards entry webpage includes separate entry forms for each category, each of which has detailed Rules for that category.

Please download and complete the relevant entry form to your computer in order to submit an entry.

It is suggested that you prepare and upload your entry media prior to submitting your form, since some details about the media will be required to complete the entry form properly.

Submission of Media

To ensure that the awards juries for these categories may include qualified members in distant locales, the CSC requires that the following processes be used to submit media to be entered.

Each entry's complete media must be uploaded to Vimeo, under a Vimeo account controlled exclusively by the applicant or by the media right's owner for the entry media. Use this link to the Vimeo website to set up a suitable account if you do not currently have one that can take the possibly large digital file for your entry.

Specification for the entry's media file

The file is best uploaded from an H.264 "mp4" or Quicktime "mov" media file

The file resolution shall be no more than 1080p ( 1920 x 1080 px ).

The file's video encoding bit rate shall be no more than 20000-kbps (20-mbps).
[Note: since juries will be assessing the video quality, it is suggested that the encoding be greater than 10-mbps and no more than this maximum 20-mbps.]

The file frame rate shall be the same as the finished original project.

The file's audio encoding is preferred as AAC stereo at 192 kbps.

The file must carry the original sound track only.

Once you have uploaded the entry's media file, it is best protected by configuring its Vimeo settings, ensuring that it has a password (maximum of 10 characters), so that it can only be accessed by the jurors authorized to view it.

Make note of the Vimeo URL reference to this entry media
      ( eg "https://vimeo.com/264852678" ),
as well as any password (maximum of 10 characters) you have applied to this video.

Jurors for each category will be accessing, discussing and evaluating your entry based on this Vimeo media.