Workshop - Camera Assistant

Workshop promo, via Vimeo

To ensure that camera crews maintain the high standards recognized by the Canadian Motion Picture Industry, the CSC offers a 2-day intensive and advanced workshop on the craft of Camera Assisting.
This highly regarded workshop is conducted by working professional camera assistants and cinematographers who not only teach, but also share their wealth of knowledge about production know-how and technological knowledge gained from years of on-set experience.

Learn the Skills for Today's Working Camera Assistants

New cameras and technologies are being introduced into the Motion Picture industry at lightening speed. No matter what technology platform is being used, the on-air craft of the Camera Department remains just as vital and necessary today as it was over 100 years ago. The CSC Camera Assistant Workshop will provide its participants with knowledge of the tools and protocols expected to work in today's fast-paced and demanding production world.

Instruction will include:
- Tools and "ditty" bag
- Information on useful industry apps
- Paperwork and administration
- Labelling
- Slating
- On-set deportment
- First procedures on the set
- Camera set-up
- Focus pulling
- Photographic theory

Hands-On means Experience
The CSC believes that the best training comes from doing. Therefore, our Camera Assistants Workshop will supplement its classroom component with extensive "building the camera from the ground up" sessions using current digital technologies as well as realistic on-set exercises. The number of participants will we limited to ensure everyone gets sufficient hands-on time.

Being familiar and comfortable with one's surroundings is half the battle. Classes for this workshop will be held at a local Camera Rental facility, to help build important relationships between providers and users.

Schedules and Complementary Workshops
In addition to this workshop, the CSC also offers several camera module workshops that allow on-going skills upgarde to assistants and more hand-on experience with specific equipment at various providers.

Refer to the Education-Index webpage for details regarding all schedules, offerings and applications.