CSC members have extraordinary knowledge regarding the technology and art
of the moving image. Some of their experience is shared here ... .

Podcast - Boris Mojsovski csc (2019 Feb - English)
series Titans and 12 Monkeys, co-DP on episodic TV series, on-set lighting ...

Podcast - Kim Derko csc (2019 Mar - English)
Film school, the arts, night exteriors, car interiors, ...

Video Q+A - Jurassic Park (2019 Apr - English)
With DoP Dean Cundey asc csc

Podcast - Norm Li csc (2019 Jan - English)
Personal and professional evolution, equal opportunity, last Fuji film stock, ...

Podcast - Todd M. Duym csc (2019 Mar - English)
Getting started, the breakout job, pushing the boundaries.

Podcast - Ron Stannett csc (2019 Jan - English)
Reminiscing from beginnings in Australia to illustrious career in Canada

Video Q+A - The Abyss (2019 Jan - English)
With DoP Mikael Salomon asc

Podcast - Karim Hussain csc (2018 Sep - English)
Formative years and experiences, plus recent projects

Podcast - Craig Wrobleski csc (2018 Sep - English)
TV series "Fargo" and feature "In the Tall Grass"

Walk+Talk with DoP Jeremy Benning csc (2018 - English)
Informative tour through the sets of "The Expanse",
exploring how LED lighting was handled for Season 3.
Thank you to Expanse producer Manny Danelon for facilitating, and to Byron Wong and Walk-Through DP
Justin Lovell (Associate Member), for producing this video.

Podcast - Daniel Grant csc (2016 May - English)
Documentary Feature "The Messenger"

Podcast - Jeremy Benning csc (2015 Apr - English)
Sci-fi TV series "The Expanse"

Podcast - D. Gregor Hagey csc (2013 Jan - English)
TV series "Beauty and the Beast"