Podcast Recorded 10 Sept 2018

Karim Hussain csc

This podcast features Director of Photography Karim Hussain csc in conversation with Carolyn Wong of the CSC.

Karim discusses how his formative years in the suburbs of Ottawa shaped him, how it influenced his life long obsession with art house horror films and how this genre’s subversive nature is a reflection of society. Some insightful anecdotes on the films that put him on the map and recent projects 'Random Acts of Violence’ and what’s cooking up this spring with Brandon Cronenberg’s ‘Possessor’.

Karim was our first ever guest host on the CSC instagram, October 2015, with a redux July 16-30, 2018

Podcast production services were provided courtesy of Michael Jari Davidson (Associate member) and Devin O'Haire.