Podcast Recorded 20 Jan 2019

This podcast features Director of Photography, Norm Li csc in conversation with Carolyn Wong of the CSC.

Norm talks about what it was like shooting the last Fuji stock ever on his break out film, Beyond the Black Rainbow. Hear of his ‘T’ bounce technique on Never Steady, Never Still (secrets revealed!). Since he gives his `all’ to the projects he works on, it is important that they resonate with him on a personal level and be emotionally satisfying and that the evolution of who he is, can be reflected in the projects he chooses. Hear the value of what he never, never, never goes to set without, and the need for everyone to practice equal opportunity in the industry. His recent project, The Body Remembers When The World Broke Open, shot in 16mm and 'real time', has its North American Premiere at TIFF 2019.

Guest hosted on the CSC instagram July 2016.

Podcast post production services were provided courtesy of Michael Jari Davidson (Associate member) and Devin O'Haire.