Podcast Recorded 15 Mar 2019

Kim Derko csc

This podcast features Director of Photography Kim Derko csc in conversation with Carolyn Wong of the CSC.

Kim reveals her formal and formative background in film school and the arts and how it informs her work. She elaborates on embracing naturalistic, saturated colour play on the ‘female gaze’ remake of the Cronenberg horror classic ‘Rabid’ with Directors Jen and Sylvia Soska aka Soska Sisters - the dream job. And talks about the DP’s challenge of shooting night exteriors in this age of mixed street lighting and how she is now loving car interiors. And finally, it’s never time to toss the light meter.

Guest hosted on our Instagram Sep 2016 and 1-15 Oct 2019.

Podcast post production services were provided courtesy of Michael Jari Davidson (Associate member) and Devin O'Haire.