This page is for the exclusive use by Individuals who have been asked to submit cinematic material relevant to potential accreditation by the CSC Membership Committee.
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To ensure that the accreditation review committee may include qualified members in distant locales, the CSC is requesting that the following process be used to provide the required cinematic material.

Delivery of Material

Material is to be provided as digital files, using the specifications detailed below.

All files for review must be uploaded to the applicant's own Vimeo site. Visit the Vimeo website to set up a suitable account if you do not currently have one that can take the volume of hi-res material required for this process.

Once you have uploaded all the files you would like reviewed, they must be assigned to a single Album on your Vimeo site (possibly titled "[your name] - for CSC review"). When you create this Album, it is preferable that you apply a password to it, so that this particular collection of material is only accessible by the Accreditation Review Committee.

The rules about the type and quantity of material to be submitted is outlined via the explanation link in the first paragraph at the top of this page.

Each file should contain no more than one project.
Projects within any submitted file should not be repeated in any other submitted file.
Each submitted project should be essentially different from all other submitted projects.
Each file must be 30 minutes or less in duration.
If a project being submitted is less than 30 minutes, the complete unedited project must be submitted.
If a project being submitted is over 30 minutes:
      - at least one unedited 30-minute continuous selection must be submitted.
      - additional unedited continuous selections may submitted if you wish.

Each project being submitted should be clearly identified, relating its Vimeo description to its listing on the required Submission Sheet for Full Member Application.

Specification for each file to be submitted.

Each file must be formatted as .mov or .mpg4, preferably with .h264 encoding.
The file's video encoding shall be at a bit rate no less than 5000 kbits/s and no more than 10000 kbits/s
The file's audio encoding is preferred as AAC at 192 kbits/s
The file frame rate shall be the frame rate of the finished original project
The file resolution shall be no less than the resolution of the finished original project, and no more than 1080p ( 1920 x 1080 px )

All submissions must carry the original sound track only..

Notice that Material is Ready for Review

Once all material with the correct specifications has been uploaded, the applicant will submit to the membership committee (via the CSC administration office) :
      - the URL for the submitted album
          ( eg: )
      - the password for accessing this album
      - the fully completed Submission Sheet for Full Member Application
      - a current resume and credit list
      - a completed application form (with payment).
This material will be shared with Membership Committee members in order for them to evaluate the applicant.

Samples from Previous Applicants who Achieved Full Accreditation

See the linked list of recent applicants who did achieve Full accreditation , some of whom have agreed to publish a gallery of their cinematography, as an example for others.