Awards Gala
04 April 2020
The Arcadian Court, Toronto

  CSC 2020 Awards Gala Postponed

After careful consideration regarding health and safety implications of the serious Coronavirus situation, the CSC Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to postpone the 63rd CSC Awards Gala originally scheduled for April 4, 2020.

We are deeply disappointed that for the first time ever the CSC Gala will have to be postponed, but we have to consider the welfare of our amazing supporters, our membership and their families in this time of uncertainty.

Further information will be posted when available.

Nominees and Special Honourees 2020

Camera Assistant Award of Merit

For excellence and outstanding professionalism in
the performance of the AC duties and responsibilities.

Joseph Micomonaco

Student Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Jordan Batchelor
Anemone (Sheridan College)
Ian W. Mrozewski
Bunny (University of British Columbia)
Farhad Ghaderi
Virtuous Circle (Jordan Klassen)
Calvin Van Arragon
Hang Up! (Sheridan College)

Music Video Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Matt Bendo
Children of Today (Blasterjaxx)
Jason George
Rise (Apocalyptica)
Farhad Ghaderi
Virtuous Circle (Jordan Klassen)
Norm Li csc
And, We Disappear (Alaskan Tapes)
Alexandre Nour Desjardins
Lady Winter (The O'Pears)

Documentary Short-Format Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Mitchell Baxter
This Ink Runs Deep
Martin Buzora
The Story of Pema
Diego Guijarro
Mothers Of
Goh Iromoto
Lure of the North

Robert Brooks Award for Documentary Long-Format Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Geoffroy Beauchemin
Odyssée sous les glaces / Under Thin Ice
Jeremy Benning csc & Martin Wojtunik & Michael Reid
Alone Across the Arctic
John Choi
Ryan A. Randall
Kristoff Rochon
Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind

Comedy Series Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Kristin Fieldhouse
Round Eight (Little Dog)
D. Gregor Hagey csc
Thought We Was Friends (Wayne)
Cabot McNenly
Charlottetown Nights (Cavendish)
Brett Van Dyke csc
Harley Wears A Wig (Carter)

Children's/Youth Programming Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Mitchell T. Ness csc
The Unfortunate Five (Creeped Out)
Mitchell T. Ness csc
The Night-Crawling Newbie (Holly Hobbie)
Brett Van Dyke csc
D-U-A-L-I-T-Y (Northern Rescue)

Branded Content Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Peter Hadfield
Troy Moth (Mark's Well Worn Collective)
Jason Han
Memories (Hallmark)
Goh Iromoto
East Meets West Series - Indigo X Denim (Sapporo)

Fritz Spiess Award for Commercial Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Kris Belchevski
Inspired By Light (Jaguar)
Stuart J. Cameron
From Here, We Soar (Gymnastics Canada)
Goh Iromoto
The Spirit (Spirit of York)
Jordan Kennington
A World Without Y (YMCA)
Mark Zibert & Eric Kaskens
Sick Kids VS: This is Why (Sick Kids Hospital Foundation)

Dramatic Short Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Matt Bendo
A Dog Cried Wolf
Adam Crosby
Karim Hussain csc
Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You
Bobby Shore csc
I Am in the World as Free and Slender as a Deer on a Plain
Michael Wylam
Where Darkness Lies

Dramatic Series Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
David Greene csc asc
The Moroi (Impulse)
Gregory Middleton csc asc
This Extraordinary Being (Watchmen)
Boris Mojsovski csc
Death Awaits (Knightfall)
Brendan Steacy csc
Bruce Wayne (Titans)
Craig Wrobleski csc
I Heard a Rumor (Umbrella Academy)

Non-Theatrical Feature Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Arthur Cooper csc
Claws of the Red Dragon
Samy Inayeh csc
I am Somebody's Child: The Regina Louise Story
Daniel Villeneuve csc
Radio Silence
Craig Wrobleski csc
In the Tall Grass

Theatrical Feature Cinematography

Jury-Selected Nominees
Nicolas Bolduc csc
La Belle Époque
David Franco
The Song of Names
Douglas Koch csc
Through Black Spruce
Paul Sarossy csc, asc, bsc
Guest of Honour
Bobby Shore csc

Special Honourees for the 2020 CSC Awards

Bill Hilson Award

For outstanding contribution to the development of
the motion picture industry in Canada

Walter Klassen

President's Award

For outstanding service to the
Canadian Society of Cinematographers

Carolyn Wong

Masters' Award

For outstanding contribution to the art of cinematography

Jean-Claude Labrecque csc (posthumously)